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 الان سورس اجنبى ترجم وعيش ومش ناقص اى حاجة

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عدد المساهمات : 114
تاريخ التسجيل : 12/04/2010
العمر : 25
الموقع :

مُساهمةموضوع: الان سورس اجنبى ترجم وعيش ومش ناقص اى حاجة    الخميس مارس 31, 2011 10:14 am

Ok so I have decided to take a brake from conquer online private servesr.......

I am releasing my source--some call it 5200+ some call it upgraded 5165 but I am releasing it...

1 NPC That will say nothing when no event is active and it will activate the events npc dialog when the event is active so No Event = No Dialog Steed Race = Steed Race Dialog
Steed Race ( The offical one from acid-co and real co
Custom TDM and on a Custom map
Custom PKT on a Custom Map
Fixed Lotto
Pk Envoy ( custom coded )
1 npc to handel ALL events activates dialog on event READ UP!
Cps are HARD to get
Question npc the answer for the same question DOES change every time for everybody who has good memoray ( this is screw them )
Nice npc
GM Spot ( NPCS THERE: vote all server, Change body size, Start quiz
PM are more powerful then GM
Fixed lotto map
fixed the drop rates
Exp calc are right
alot of npcs ( not fucking gay leeched ballshit )
Alot, lot more!!!

The Source

Rikardo Updated:
Link1: 4XHPMSVIBZ ?zyxyjmvdzmt LMJ6A5ZQI


ا لشرح

The Official Conquer 3.0 Client ( lots of edits in )
Link 1
MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
Link 2
Deposit Files
Link 3
zSHARE - Conquer 3.0.exe

Patch the client with this: ( you dont have to download the Co 3 client just got a LOT of edits in )
Update client with this.rar

The old Conquer online 3.0 website template:
Conquer online 3 template.rar

Register + Status.php script ( NOTE: The register.php atually uses the custom database.cs allowing the reg to NOT ask for a status so theres no [P] or space in the status box
Status + reg.rar

Setup for that:
Just pant the Register.php and the Status.php in the C:/AppServer/www/ and then open up the Status.php and edit the
<img src="" alt="" border="0" />
edit the bit thats in red with your ip and thats it.

I have worked my ass off for this day after day, weekend after weekend, etc THIS IS A HIGE RELEASE
To setup:
EXTRACT the OldCODB and the Rikardo Updated to your C:/ drive
Open up the OldCODB/Config.txt
and change the IP to your ip must likely your hamachi IP
Goto Rikardo Updated/Bin/NewestCOServer.exe and type in /newacc username password [GM]/[PM]

/newacc paralyzer theone [PM]

PM is more powerful then GM as I said before
THe title will say CrankCo thats because I was gonna make this for them but now I decided otherwise...
I will still be very-much active on these forums to help just not playing co for a while.

Hope you like it THIS IS ALL MY WORK!

a few commands

/srtrue ( start steedrace )
/scroll srs ( tele to steedrace starting point )
/scroll sre ( tele to steerace ending point )
/dmtrue ( start the Team Death Match )
/scroll gmap ( scroll to the Quartine map used by AcidCo )
/scroll gmspot ( scroll to gmspot )
/recall playername
/recall all
/goto playername
/kill playername ( is bugged it will bug them. )
/arrest ( arrest player for like 2 hours )
/c yourmessagehere
/cc yourmessagehereagain ( yes it will make ur text appear were the say Your team got dispanded it will show text there so it will show ur message top-left )

alot more custom commands


Special thanks to:
.Arco, Korvacs ( think thats how u spell it ), NewDawn, Shunushi ( think thats how u spell it ), and everyone else

Special I HATE YOU to:
Decker and all decker accounts,

IMPORTENT NOTE: If ANYBODY trys to release this on 4botters or any part of this code tell me! and if ANYBODY claims this or any part of this code as their own work ( if it isnt) then I will kick ur ass

Hit the +Thanks !
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